The Cacique continues with the hugs and beats Trasandino in a friendly

Colo Colo closed the first round as the leader of the National Championship. Despite this, at the Monumental there is no rest time and this morning the players who did not see action during the weekend played a friendly match against Trasandino.

El Cacique imposed his terms and was left with the 2-0 victory with scores from Ignacio Jara and Luciano Arriagada. Among the players who saw action were also Javier Parraguez, Daniel Gutiérrez, Carlo Villanueva, Bryan Soto, Bruno Gutiérrez, Nicolás Garrido, and a large part of the youth who train daily in Macul.

For Gustavo Quinteros, these types of matches are essential since it allows him to have the entire squad active, especially considering the Cacique’s next challenges in both the Chile Cup and the National Championship.

The meeting also marked the return of Harold Mayne-Nicholls al Monumental, a leader who heads a new project in the old railway team and who in a period of two years was vice president of Blanco y Negro.

Ignacio Jara scored one of the goals for the Cacique. | Photo: Colo Colo.

The Cacique’s next challenge will be against Unión La Calera next Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at the Nicolás Chahuán Stadium.

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