The Cacique in the TOP5 of the most classics teams in the world

The Superclásico 190 of national football played in El Teniente de Rancagua was once again colocolino, something that is already a healthy custom for the Cacique, a cast that He will reach nine years without knowing of defeats against the University of Chile.

With goals from Marcos Bolados, an own goal from Ramón Arias and another defining goal from Ignacio Jara when the game was leaving, the Cacique continued to enforce history in this kind of duels, achieving in passing three valuable points that allow him to escape at the top of the tournament from his direct rivals.

However, there is another data that further enhances the performance of the Superclassics, since worldwide, according to the RedGol site, follow consolidating itself as one of the most classics teams in the world.

If we consider the best leagues in the world according to the IFFHS, the albos rank fifth by performance in the last ten games, with a remarkable performance of seven wins and three draws.

With this record the popular equals what he did to Bayern Munich in Germany, a cast that has completely taken Borussia Dortmund’s hand in the legendary Der Klassiker.

This list is led by the Belgians from Anderlecht, who have won nine of the last ten classics against Standard Liege and it follows Slavia Prague vs Sparta Prague in Czech Republic, with a yield of 87%.

The superclassic continued to be white at El Teniente de Rancagua. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

A little further back appears PSG with Ajax. The Parisians do not release Marseille in the French classic and the legendary Dutch team does the same against Feyenord, both adding 83% performance against their classic rivals.


If we talk about undefeated, the Cacique thing is to applaud, since within this same Top30 of the IFFHS is the team that He has not lost the longest in a Superclásico, adding 19 games without knowing a single defeat.

Colo Colo has not lost a Superclassic since May 2013. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

This translates to eight years, four months, and 21 days so far.. The best thing for the albos is that it will last for several more months, since the next Superclásico will only be in the 2022 season, in March or April if the ANFP programming is seen in this kind of duels in recent tournaments.

Data that come to consolidate the tremendous dominance that the Cacique has in the greatest derby of Chilean football. Colo Colo just won’t let go of U.

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