The Cacique is studying to repatriate Oroz from Iquique!

It has not been easy for Colo Colo this pass market when it comes to bringing reinforcements. There are several names that have fallen and time is running out, since there is only until 6:00 p.m. this Friday to register players in the ANFP.

In the offices of Blanco y Negro, it seems that the name of Facundo Ferreyra has already been closed and, if there is no last-minute inconvenience, should be the long awaited 9 up front scored by Gustavo Quinteros.

Nevertheless, there is still someone to come to replace Martín Rodríguez, a player who surprisingly went to football in Turkey before the end of the first round and who left an important gap in the Cacique’s attack.

The options of Fabian Orellana and Ángelo Araos, a alternative of the house is the one that is being studied in the corridors of the Monumental to finish closing the squad for the second half of 2021: Alexander Oroz.

The youthful Albo is currently on loan at Deportes Iquique, a club where he has seen a lot of action in the Primera B of our football. It is to the taste of Quinteros and, for the moment, it is an option that is beginning to gain strength to cover the space that Rodríguez left.

Alexander Oroz was the figure of his team in the 2021 Chile Cup. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find their return, since his link with the celestial dragons is until December of this 2021. If the albos want their return before their time, they have to start negotiating with the leadership of the northern cadre.

Oroz has played 19 matches in the Primera B Championship with Iquique, scoring two goals and delivering three assists. In addition, he was the figure of his team in the Chile Cup, converting three goals and breaking it all in the key to the 16th round against UC, instance where the nortinos were eliminated by penalties.

An option that, by combining criteria in the alba leadership, must be closed as soon as possible, since the deadline is until 6:00 p.m. this Friday, September 10, at which time the ANFP pass book will be closed and with this the possibility of registering new players.

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