The Cacique psyched up in the tournament: “We can’t relax”

Obtaining the Chile Cup allowed Colo Colo to achieve one of his main objectives of the season. Qualify for the Copa Libertadores. The victory against Everton, automatically granted him the place of Chile 4 for the next version of the main international competition.

Despite this, in the Monumental the festivities have already been left behind and they quickly get ready for the next challenge, to maintain the leadership of the National Championship and fight to stay with the crown. Cesar Fuentes, despite not being the undisputed starter, is one of the key pieces of the squad and was in charge today, at a press conference, of referring to the new objectives.

“We always have the pressure to be at the top, we are a great team. We just won a tournament, but we can’t relax, we have to keep working. We have all the weapons to win those three points tomorrow ”, began by saying the flyer.

To later show that the squad must still grow in some aspects of the game. “They always put pressure on us because we are the biggest team. We take it very calmly. We have already achieved a goal and now we are going for the national tournament. We go game by game, analyzing and seeing the things that need to be improved. We are focused on O’Higgins and winning ”, he added.

Asked about qualifying for a new international tournament, Fuentes was cautious and prefers to think of O’Higgins, noting that “We have to go step by step. Before thinking about the Copa Libertadores we have the National Championship. We are on the right track, but we still have a long way to go. We are going in a very positive direction ”, close.

Cesar Fuentes flyer by Colo Colo.

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