The Cacique returns for a personal revenge to El Teniente

Colo Colo returns to action in the current 2021 National Championship after shouting champion in the Chile Cup, facing O’Higgins in El Teniente de Rancagua from 6:00 p.m. on the 20th date of the tournament.

This duel appears as a personal revenge for the albos, since it was in that same stadium seven months ago where they equaled 1-1 on the last date of the 2020 National Championship, being forced with this result to play the promotion for not relegation.

The story of that February 14 is well known by all. The Cacique hit first thanks to a great goal from César Fuentes and we even flirted with the 2-0 minutes later, but the VAR intervened. The fatal moment was in aggregate time, when Maxi Falcón committed a penalty that was changed for a goal by Tomás Alarcón, scoring 1-1 on the scoreboard that sent us to play the promotion for permanence.

The panorama changed completely in a matter of months, since the Cacique returns to El Teniente after winning the Chile Cup and with the option of remaining as absolute leader of the tournament in case of keeping all three points.

On the other hand, an alba victory will leave tremendously complicated O’Higgins with the relegation places, since he will only stay two units from Melipilla, a club that is in 15th place and is currently playing the promotion.

The Cacique visits Rancagua with a thirst for revenge on this 20th date of the tournament. | Photo: UNO Agency.

“We have already turned the page on that championship. We know that now we have a completely renovated team, with different vibes. We are fighting at the top, we go first and that is the important thing. We have to focus on ourselves, on staying up and not losing the lead. It depends on us and that will come hand in hand with a good game. We are improving every day. He is a difficult opponent, but we are focused on ourselves, “said César Fuentes in the run-up to this match.

A duel that is special for the albos that will begin at 6:00 p.m. under the arbitration of Cristián Droguett and that you can follow MINUTE BY MINUTE and ONLINE in DaleAlbo.

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