The Callisto Protocol boss hits back at season pass criticism

The Callisto Protocol boss hits back at season pass criticism

Earlier this week, Striking Distance Studios released them first the details of the season pass for The Callisto Protocol. The pass offers, among other things, new modes, an expansion to the story and various cosmetics, but what many have noticed is the package of new death animations for protagonist Jacob Lee.

Precisely the death animations are something that Striking Distance has placed great emphasis on in the marketing of The Callisto Protocol. Many therefore questioned the developer’s choice to demand payment for these, but as game manager Glen A. Schofield explains, the animations you get in the season pass are a completely separate thing from the main game.

Via Twitter explained Schofield that the new animations are not part of the game which is now locked behind a paywall. Instead, they will be thrown in sometime after launch, due to high demand from fans.

– To make it clear: We are not keeping anything from the main game for the season pass. We haven’t even started working on this content yet. There are completely new things that we will be working on in the new year. Fans have been asking for it even more deaths, so we set it as a priority for next year, wrote the game director.

Schofield is best known as the creator of the Dead Space series, and The Callisto Protocol is in many ways a spiritual sequel to those games. Here, spooky adventures in space await, with a nasty atmosphere, aliens to fight and seemingly endless amounts of blood and gore.

At one point, the game was supposed to take place in the PUBG universe, oddly enough, but that passed. The Callisto Protocol launches on December 2, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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