The Callisto Protocol: Director talks about cut content controversy

The Callisto Protocol arrives on December 2nd as the last major release of 2022, being highly anticipated by survival horror fans. The spiritual successor to Dead Space, Electronic Arts’ established franchise, has generated high expectations among players, promising a journey of terrifying atmosphere.

With just a few days left for launch, a controversy arose in the way of the title with the announcement of the content present in the Season Pass of the horror game. Many players started talking about a possible content cut from the base game, with the possibility that part of the pass was left out of the game at launch.

Glen Schofield Speaks Out on Season Pass Content

With the controversy spreading through the horror fan community, and with many players debating about the possible content cut from the main game, Glen Schofield, director of The Callisto Protocol, decided to speak openly about the subject on his official Twitter profile.

Schofield stated that none of the Season Pass bonuses were cut from the base game, and even revealed that the production of the DLC, which will bring new death animations and story chapters, has not even had its development started by the team. The director assured that the idea of ​​adding more deaths to the game came up with requests from fans, and so this became one of his goals for post-launch content. In addition to the new deaths, with the Season Pass, Striking Distance Studios will deliver three story chapters, a new game mode, extra equipment and new areas of exploration in Black Iron Prison. Check out what Glen Schofield said below.

To be clear: we didn’t cut anything from the main game for the season pass. We haven’t even started working on this content yet. These are new things that we will work on in the new year. Fans have asked for even more kills, so we’re making that a priority next year.

The Callisto Protocol will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

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