The Callisto Protocol: DRM from hell on the program

The long-awaited horror game The Callisto Protocol may disappoint on at least one point: its DRM system. Explanations.

And there you have it, a disturbing element had to come and spoil the party a bit. The Callisto Protocol will use the controversial Denuvo anti-piracy software. What cool more than one when you know the problems of its use on the game.

The Callisto Protocol protects itself well

The Denuvo DRM will therefore be present on The Callisto Protocol, which might be a concern for those playing on PC. Indeed, we know that Denuvo tends to create optimization problems in games, because the program runs in the background, which can slow down the game itself somewhat. Another concern, it forces the user to connect to the internet to be able to play, which automatically removes the possibility of playing it on a laptop on vacation, for example.

The information was found by DSOGaming. If it is a good protection solution against piracy, it is often very problematic for players with small configurations, with some jerkiness in the key. Fortunately, some studios and publishers have chosen to remove it, for example titles like Gotham Knights Where Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case in the future for The Callisto Protocol.

This DRM solution seems to always be on the rise among publishers since, in addition to this horror game, we know that it will also be present in the PC version of Resident Evil 4. What create a lot of confusion.

What do you think of the addition of this anti-piracy technology within the game?

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