The Callisto Protocol requires payment for new death scenes

Games like Dead Space and Tomb Raider have shown that seeing your character dead in many different ways can be pretty cool, so it’s no wonder that this part has been a big part of The Callisto Protocol marketing considering that death is extremely present. Unfortunately, this is being used in ways that we suspect will not be appreciated by everyone.

The Callisto Protocol’s Steam page has been updated to include information about the Season Pass, so we know among other things that you get twelve new death animations by purchasing it. This is noted in the section which also mentions that you get an extra difficulty level – an odd choice considering many games these days give us such content for free.

On top of that, we also get a kind of Horde-like mode where the goal is to defeat waves of enemies, as well as access to some additional costumes, enemy death animations, and of course, a story expansion.

The Callisto Protocol

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