The Callisto Protocol, the developers were inspired by real violence scenes

It seems that The Callisto Protocol will give players a good dose of gore. The title, apparently, was inspired by examples of horror and brutality in real life. The new game from the creators of Dead Space is expected to launch in late 2022 and, so far, doesn’t seem like a game for the faint of heart. Thanks to Geoff Keighley, we got a first look at the gameplay last week during the Summer Games Fest. Now, in an interview with PCGamesNthe chief creative officer of Striking Distance StudiosChris Stone, explained some of the inspiration for the game.

The Callisto Protocol

Unsurprisingly, Stone mentioned titles like silent Hill And Resident Evil as obvious influences. The developer, however, pointed out that the team also drew inspiration from films such as The thing by John Carpenter e Point of no return by Paul WS Anderson. Stone also said that French and Korean cinema were also quite influential, saying that both are making interesting works in the horror genre as well.

With much more controversial words, however, Stone said that The Callisto Protocol it was also inspired by real blood and horror. “We found ourselves looking at a lot of real-life examples of horror and gore,” said Stone, who was also director of animation on Dead Space. “While these were far less fun to search for, they are some of the most relevant and valuable content when it comes to creating realistic images and experiences.”

The Callisto Protocol

As pointed out in the same interview, too Mortal Kombat 11, previously, it sparked anger because developers studied real-world blood during its development. Aside from the questionable choice of being inspired by horror and real-world gore, much of the inspiration for the title obviously comes from Dead Spacecreated by Glen Schofield, who he now directs The Callisto Protocol.

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