The Callisto Protocol: You have to pay extra to see all death animations

The sci-fi horror game The Callisto Protocol is probably one of the most anticipated titles of the gaming year 2022. The developers Striking Distance Studios impress in pre-released gameplay videos with creative but ultra brutal gameplay and gloomy atmosphere. As part of our preview, the impression solidified that the spiritual successor of DeadSpace could be a real hit. pre-released Details on the planned Season Pass however, make you sit up and take notice. If you want to see all death animations, you have to despite full price dig deep into your pocket.

The Callisto Protocoll appears completely uncut in Germany

On Friday the December 02, 2022, it’s time. Then appears The Callisto Protocol (buy now ) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The gritty and terrifying sci-fi extravaganza from the former creators of the cult classic Dead Space impresses with gameplay elements that put the strategic dismemberment of the opponents in the foreground.

But your character can also get it badly. The extremely brutal screen deaths of the protagonist seem to be a reason why the title was canceled in Japan due to the threat of censorship. In Germany However, to the delight of horror fans, The Callisto Protocol will be released 100 percent uncut. Who, however, enjoy of all death sequences wants to come must do far more than that Full price from 60 to 80 euros pay.

The Callisto Protocoll: Details from the Season Pass are known – further death animations cost extra

Striking Distance Studios, developers of the spiritual successor to Dead Space, have released on Steam Season Pass details announced by The Callisto Protocol. You will receive this with the purchase of the deluxe editionwhich is in addition to the full price of 59,999 for the PC version again cost 20 euros extra becomes.

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This season pass includes new skins, an additional level of difficulty and an additional game mode. The associated Story DLC will also take you deeper into the horrible secrets introduce of the game. A notable detail of the Season Pass is that it has 13 additional death animations of the protagonist and twelve other animated ones screen deaths included by opponents.

That could at horror fans cause upset. In any case, the development studio is under criticism because CEO Glen A. Schofield romanticized 15 hours of crunch a day (“You do it because you love it.” The fact that at a Full price sci-fi horror game numerous death animations hidden behind a paywall are not likely to go down well with players and one bland aftertaste leave behind.

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