The cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro have a serious problem and Apple needs to intervene immediately

It was expected that iPhone 14 Pro and his older brother Pro Max they were “flawless” devices from every point of view, with an exceptional photographic sector and an equally excellent design. We have talked about the new choices in terms of design in depth in this article; today, however, we want to focus on cameraand in particular on a “small” problem experienced by some users when opening TikTok and other third-party apps to take photos and record videos.

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iPhone 14 Pro

Why yes, the iPhone 14 Pro camera has some problems. In the introduction we spoke of “expectations”, also legitimized by the very high cost of the new models (this year more than the others); unfulfilled expectationsgiven the complaints received in recent days by some already disillusioned customers.

Basically, the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max emits one strange sound whenever you are about to take a photo or record a video on TikTok and the like (Instagram, Snapchat, etc .; basically, third-party apps that use the camera). The buzz indicates that it is a hardware problem and that it has to do withautofocus. In particular, some physical moving parts would collide with each other in the focusing process, causing not only that buzz, but also the impossibility – in fact – of capturing satisfactory images (the frame is “shaky”).

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The cause would be to be found in a presumed one incompatibility between the cameras of the new iPhones and the apps in question. In light of this, the problem could be solved with an intervention by Apple that has not yet arrived.

The question it is not insignificantas the continuous vibration of the cam could cause damage to its internal components. For this reason, we do not recommend opening the camera via third-party apps, at least until Apple or the developers have fixed the problem.

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