The captain without genet: the powerful harangue of Leo Gil against Palestino

Colo Colo beat Palestino 2-1 in a tough match on an always difficult court like that of Municipal de La Cisterna. The goals were from forward Iván Morales and Leonardo Gil.

Of course, all eyes were taken by Colorado, who scored his fourth goal via free kick, a situation that had not been seen for a long time in Colo Colo, since the days of Gonzalo Fierro or Matías Fernández.

With the passing of the matches, Leonardo Gil has become an important piece for Gustavo Quinteros, and not only for him, but for the entire team, being a captain without a rider.

Against Palestino he was again in charge of the previous harangue, where he showed attitude and credibility to all his colleagues, who were going to be headlines that afternoon in the commune of La Cisterna.

Leonardo Gil in Colo Colo

“There is little left for the end of the championship guys, 10 games, 10 finals to be champion, guys”, was the phrase that highlighted the video that Colo Colo published on his social networks.

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