The care in foreign quotas that Colo Colo must have

Coach Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image He already has his long-awaited center-forward for the final part of the National Championship where Colo Colo He is the exclusive leader with 37 points, but at the same time, he will now have to make important decisions when it comes to foreigners.

This because the albos exceed the quota of allowed foreigners and one will have to be left out of the calls. Colo Colo will now have six non-Chilean players in the squad and the tournament regulations only allow five foreigners to be in the squad.

The coach has the Argentines Matías Zaldivia, Emiliano Amor, the Uruguayan Maximiliano Falcón, the Peruvian Gabriel Costa and the trans-Andean Pablo Solari, who is enrolled in the Youth Soccer and the Venezuelan Santos.

So far, so good, since there are five adult foreigners and one youth. However, at the time of making the calls and delivering the templates to the ANFP, one will have to be left out so as not to be sanctioned by the regulations, a situation that has already happened to other clubs in Chilean football.

And this decision will not be easy for Quinteros, since, up to now, the five foreigners that he has on the squad have been key pieces for the team’s game system. Although, at the moment Matías Zaldivia is injured, for as soon as Santos is available to play, the defender will already be recovered from his tear, so the technician will have to make important decisions.

Costa and Solari are key pieces in the team’s offensive system and it is unlikely that they will be able to leave the title, for the same reason, one of the defenses could be the victim, although lThe task could be simplified for the coach, if Amor decides to stop to treat the injury that has dragged on for some games more carefully.

For now, everything indicates that one of the defenders could be the one harmed to give space to the Venezuelan center forward in the Eternal Champion’s team.

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