The case of Mavys Álvarez against Maradona and his entourage was closed

Mariano Israelit (first from the left), with Maradona, Álvarez and other friends.

was ordered the closure of the case promoted by Mavys Álvarez Regothe Cuban that denounced Diego Maradona and his entourage for violence and abuse. The case resonated in the country from an interview she gave, in which she told details about the relationship she had with the player as a minor.

She declared within the framework of the case that the Federal Court No. 10 substantiates for human trafficking to the former environment of the idol, with her as a victim. The complaint had been made before the PROTEX -the wing of the Attorney General’s Office that investigates trafficking crimes- by Fernando Míguez, from the NGO Foundation for Peace and Climate Change. He attended the statement, in Gesell chamber, assisted by lawyers Gastón Marano and Marcela Scotti.

His story includes a complaint for sexual abuse, human trafficking, drug use and even a bust operation at the request of Maradona. In 2001, when he began their relationship, Alvarez was just 16 years old..

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Mariano Israelitea friend of Maradona who shared those years with the star and the young woman, stated that the cause “was a circus, big, huge. It does not mean that she has not experienced those particular issues with Diego, they are intimate issues of each couple. Everyone has their relationship problems, but I don’t blame my friends if I split up with my partner, if I have a problem I solve it with my partner. I do not accuse anyone, least of all without having proof”, he agreed with Hugo Isaak on the air in “Everything at noon”.

The interviewee stated that he was always calm. “The only thing that really affected me is that I have a ten-year-old daughter who goes on the Internet and watches television. I never did anything, I never had a cause, not only with the Diego issue, I never in my life had a cause of nothing. I never did anything she says.”

Guillermo Coppola, Omar Suarez and Mariano Israelitwho made up the environment of Diego Maradona denounced by the Cuban Mavys Álvarez, were released from the charge allegedly human trafficking. The Justice dismissed the accusation presented by whoever was the underage girlfriend of the soccer star.

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“I was part of Diego’s environment, but I never did anything to her. The times I shared, when we had lunch, Diego didn’t even want us to have lunch with her, they go downstairs later to eat alone. I was very jealous. The only dinner I shared with them was her birthday, when she was there with her whole family, there was a journalist, Diego, Guillermo Coppola… We didn’t even share the house when she was there, nor did we sleep in the place, we went to sleep at Guillermo’s house,” he explained.

Finally, he commented that “Diego still does not rest in peace. Until a lot of issues are resolved, until the one hundred million dollars that he told me he had does not appear, until the five heirs do not agree, because they are the only ones deserving of his legacy. I am writing something about my life with Maradona. With a friend who took out two or three books, his name is Gabriel Jeremías. God willing, by the end of the year, the book of my life will come out with Diego.”

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