“The Cataclysm”, a film about natural disasters, hits theaters this September 22

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“The Cataclysm”, movie directed Lin Zhen-Zhao, premiered in all national theaters this Thursday, September 22.

The film focuses on a major disaster that is affecting the entire planet.

Earthquakes, hurricanes and avalanches are being caused by nature that is aggressively invading the cities of the world. Most of humanity has been annihilated and the cities are being reduced to ruins. An action team and the survivors, who find themselves in constant danger, travel through the ruins of cities and work together to stop the devastating growth and restore order to the land.

Trailer for “The Cataclysm”

The special effects in “The Cataclysm” they are remarkable. The landscape of a destroyed and overgrown city, as well as collapsing buildings, make this film an impressive visual spectacle.

The cast includes Xia Yi-Yao, Yin Chao-Te, Yongbo Jiang, Cheng Junwen, Zhu Ya, Hu Songshi, and Wang Ying.

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