‘The cats saw me run away’: fictional or real, abandoned adolescents arrive on the scene

Brothers abel and bucket They live alone in a dilapidated house. abandoned by his mother and with the only company of carrenoa friend of the older of the two, have to learn to live in solitude at an early age.

With “The cats saw me run away” the dramatist diego alba he won Second Independent Award for Young Dramaturgy 2014 and starting this Friday, under the direction of Armando Tenorio and the co-production of Cuarta Pared Theater and the Pico de Pato Theater Collectiveits history will be traversed by the reality of the adolescents in abandonment that exist in the city.

In an interview with VANGUARDIA, the direction and cast spoke about this scenic proposal which starts from the anecdote of Abel and Balde to tell something bigger about the context in which we live.

“The work is our pretext to talk about various types of abandonment,” Tenorio explained, “from there we began an investigation that is still in progress. We approached institutions, young people, and we were raising from the anecdote of the work, to tell them the story. There we are achieving a hybrid Come in conventional theater and a more documentary issue”.

“Within what we are proposing is a provocation to the public with a dynamic that we will be proposing to them, but we are going to have adolescent testimonials in an abandoned situation. It is what they have experienced or how they perceive the situation, ”he added regarding the assembly, in which there will be moments where the public will be able to “interrupt” the fiction to decide to give voice to the testimonies of reality in Saltillo.

$!'The cats saw me run away': Fictional or real, abandoned adolescents arrive on the scene

“It is not the typical product that we make in Cuarta Pared. We found out about this in the State and National Samplethat there are no products that speak of this context, it is always from the franchise, from entertainment and here it comes from an approach of what exists here, it is not alien to us ”, added the producer of the work and director of the company, Rodrigo Gonzalez“[además] It is the first text by a Mexican author, it is also opening a new gap in Cuarta Pared. It is an objective that we have, to continue doing this kind of project”.

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Abel and Balde are played by Roberto Mauricio and David Reynarespectively, while Donaldo Duarte embodies Carreño. The first and the last recently starred in the play “A Monster Comes to See Me” by Siobhan Dowdwho participated in the 42 National Theater Show and addresses adolescents and their emotions from another perspective, but also with the young audience as the main objective.

$!'The cats saw me run away': Fictional or real, abandoned adolescents arrive on the scene

“Balde is the brother and he is the representation of the responsibility acquired without asking for it,” Reyna expressed about her character, “I have had to work with adolescents, that there are certain responsibilities that life gives them, that they have to look for in their adolescent resources to solve even the basics, eating, taking care of my brother, and the priorities of my personal plan”.

“Carreño is Balde’s best friend and he has to represent the part of the most emotional abandonment. He has an emotional abandonment that is somehow fulfilled through living with Balde and Abel, through being there for his friend and from this coexistence is how this character survives this world in which he is”, Duarte added. in the same sense, while the youngest of the actors highlighted the need for his character to “find his home outside of that place, in a separate place.”

Duck beakIn addition, with this work, he continues his mission of creating theater for young audiences. This work follows proposals such as “Irina”who participated in the State Show of Coahuila Theater 2022on the relationship of youth with technology, “Unusual Hideouts”for childhoods and “Poems to sing among the garbage.”

$!David Reyna, Roberto Mauricio and Donaldo Duarte.

David Reyna, Roberto Mauricio and Donaldo Duarte.

“Some of the power, of what it poses is adolescent survival with the resources that a teenager has, in this complex situation, as the premise of the play. How they survive and how they support each other, with the intervention of the friend, to live”, Reyna pointed out in this regard.

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Both the director and the producer highlighted and recognized the opening of the playwright to make changes to the text, even tear it apart, so that its vision was possible.

$! In the background, Rodrigo González and Armando Tenorio.

In the background, Rodrigo González and Armando Tenorio.

“We realized that people who have a discomfort They don’t tell you about it as a burden they can’t get out of, it’s their day to day, and when you see it from the outside it’s complicated and even strange to recognize, but when you internalize it and you yourself tell your tragedies and yours misfortunes the accounts even as if it were a joke”, concluded Duarte.

“The cats saw me run away” opens this November 25 at the La Besana Cultural Center and will have performances every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. until December 17. Tickets can be obtained on the social networks of fourth wall and on the site Boletopolis for 250 pesos, although there are always promotions.

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