The challenges of the mother of the Buffalo to return to the goal

If there is a player who generates a sea of ​​emotions among the Colo Colo fans, that has to be Javier Parraguez. Maybe technically it doesn’t stand out, but the has a heart that does not fit in his chest, and that is valued among the white followers, especially after his vital contribution to the Cacique’s permanence in the First Division.

After several games without seeing action the Búfalo returned to ownership after the departure of Iván Morales to the Chilean team. The former Huachipato was not out of tune, because he gave an assist in the second leg of the Chile Cup semifinals against Unión Española, another in the final against Everton and a goal in the visit to O’Higgins in Rancagua for the tournament

In a press conference, the forward analyzed this good personal and team present, stating that “It’s a nice word ‘revenge’. It is something that you do on a daily basis, you always prepare for when it touches you. I see this moment as destiny, playing a final and these important games. This is a product of the work done during the moments when he was not playing. You have to keep working and achieving your goals as a team. “

In this sense, he affirmed that the support of his closest ones has been key, especially that of his mother, from whom he claimed a few months ago to receive severe criticism for his performance on the court.

“My mom still challenges me (laughs). Inside everything I always spoke with her and with the people around me. He can’t tell you those things, but there were a lot of mixed feelings. She also has to see the part of her son and his favorite team ”, declared.

In that sense, the forward added that “The important thing now is that we are well, leaders and we want to extend that distance. We want to take this final recall with great enthusiasm ”.

Javier Parraguez scored the transitory 2-1 header over O’Higgins. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

Regarding the affection he has received in these days, the attacker noted with laughter that “I feel very loved, loved (laughs). Not only for the fans, but also for the teammates and workers of the Monumental. In every area I feel very loved. All my classmates feel the same and that makes the atmosphere pleasant and happy on campus ”.

Parraguez did not score a goal since January 23, 2021, when he also headed the agonizing 2-1 final against Coquimbo Unido at the Monumental Stadium on the 30th date of the 2020 National Championship. 33 games passed without seeing a goal from Buffalo.

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