The change for Oscar – so will the prince’s new life

Prince Oscar, 6, is facing a major life change!

After the commercial: Wonderful moments with Prince Oscar!


March 2, 2016 was a day of happiness for our Crown Princess family, and the rest of the Swedish people for that matter too!

That was when Victoria and Daniel’s other children were born – the son who would be named Oscar Carl Olof.

The little prince has been baptized since May 27 in the Castle Church at the Royal Palace, dressed in his great – grandfather’s old baptismal gown.

Today it has been over 6 years since the prince came into the world, and Oscar has become his own little person with a wonderfully charming personality.

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and King Carl XVI Gustaf with Prince Oscar at Stockholm Castle at Prince Oscar's baptism on Friday.

Time goes by so fast!

Photo: Jessica Gow / TT

Wonderful Oscar – a real charm prince!

Yes, Oscar is a real charm troll, just like his big sister Estelle, 10, and all the cousins.

Most recently a few days ago we saw pictures of Estelle and Oscar when they cleaned rubbish from the shores of the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm, together with mother Victoria.

The week before, the prince charmed the entire Swedish people when he waved from the Window of the Order Halls with the rest of the family, on the king’s grandfather’s birthday on 30 April.

Victoria and Oscar even had a real kissing party that made us all digest!

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Oscar on the King's birthday April 30

Such a nice moment between mother and son!

Photo: TT

The change for Oscar – the prince’s new life

After the summer, a big change awaits the prince. Then it’s time for him to start preschool class!

Of course, this means a lot of fun and exciting for Oscar: New friends, new school and of course a lot of new knowledge!

The court has not yet commented on whether Oscar will accompany big sister Estelle on Campus Manilla on the Royal Djurgården, or if there will be another school.

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar Haga Castle 2021

After the summer, a new adventure awaits Oscar!

Photo: Linda Broström / Kungl. The Court States

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