The changes of Colo Colo for the final of the Chile Cup

The coach of Colo Colo, Gustavo Quinteros placeholder imageHe does not want to leave anything to chance and this Friday the Cacique completed his last training before traveling to Talca to dispute the final of the Chile Cup against Everton de Viña del Mar.

In this practice, the technician defined the training to be measured against the routers and prepare four changes Regarding the starting team that played the rematch of the Chile Cup semifinals against the Spanish Union at the Santa Laura stadium, a commitment that was played in the middle of the week.

Quinteros prepares the returns to the ownership of the right back Óscar Opazo, defender Emiliano Amor and in the midfield two modifications: Vicente Pizarro and Leonardo Gil.

Those who would leave the eleventh would be Bruno Gutiérrez to make way for Torta Opazo, Daniel Gutiérrez for the entry of Amor and more flyers Bryan Soto and César Fuentes, who will be replaced by Pizarro and Gil.

The other doubt that the coach had was in offense where Ignacio Jara and Marcos Bolados were fighting for the starting position. However, the coach will keep Jara in ownership and Bolados will be an alternative this Saturday against the Viñamarinos.

With this, the training would be with Brayan Cortés; Opazo, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor, Gabriel Suazo; Pizarro, Gil, Jara, Joan Cruz; Pablo Solari and Javier Parraguez.

The match will be played at 4:30 p.m. at the Fiscal de Talca stadium and you can follow it on Dale Albo radio.

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