The ‘chato’ who loves ‘chela’ returned to the attack with a girl who became known for taking ‘selfies’

From the serve we are carnecita… They already told me that the ‘chato’ who loves the ‘chela‘ returned to the attack with a girl who became known for taking ‘selfies’. They had a story several months ago and the boy seems to want to open the little door again, although he doesn’t give it away and looks for it through mutual friends. He is in a hurry for a last minute, because the ‘pigheaded‘ will not put up with his conceit as the ‘Tiger’ did, who forgave him everything. Curuju…

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They date me that a left marker is in Peru that disappeared before the ‘kangaroos’. The man wanted to return with a Cuban girl, but the condition was that he did not do shows dancing in his underwear. She told him ‘more beans with noodles’ and that’s it. She knows that he will look for her just the same. Asuuuuu…

I already found out that the ‘little motor‘ is desperate, because the fans are tired of putting tickets and there are no results. They scam people who need a ticket and only pay part of the original debt and not the one that grew with interest in all the years. The richest thing in the business is that the ex-player keeps the current ‘wrinkle’, which is about five times more. He is so ‘car’e palo’ that when the team loses, he starts to pack his bags. How ugly…

They warn me that ‘Tiny‘ met with three neighborhood leaders to offer himself as a councilor for the first party that sought him out and no one hired him. There was only one offer to see if he put his car up for the campaign, but since he hasn’t had a ‘ship’ for a long time, nothing happened. When you are no longer in the named one and without coins nobody stops you. Asuuuuu… I’m leaving, I’m leaking.


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