The Citroën Ami can shudder: this electric car without a license wants to dethrone it

Ligier, the famous French car manufacturer without a license, is embarking on the 100% electric adventure with the Myli. It will be available in the spring of 2023 and promises to have the best autonomy in the sector.

The field of the car without a license (also called mini-city car) has been booming in recent years, with a 22% increase in registrations from January to March 2022 compared to the previous year. It must be said that the two electric cars without license references in the field (the Citroën Ami and the Aixam e City Sport) are no longer as repulsive as the thermal versions. In particular thanks to the absence of noise and the ecological argument.

The proof: electric models represent 39% of license-free car registrations. Against 13% on classic cars. Quiet and safer than a motorized two-wheeler, they are very popular with young people, being accessible from 14 years old.

Ligier Myli: the greatest range on the market

A new brand is launching into the field of electric cars without a license, and it’s not just anyone. This is Ligier, one of the big names in the sector. The French manufacturer has just launched the communication campaign around its future Myli.

For the moment, little information has filtered, except marketing in the spring of 2023 on the brand’s website in France and in Europe via its distribution network. Ligier also announced that the Myli would be available with three different batteries and ” multiple customization options » with 4 levels of finish.

The brand adds that the Mily “ will give you exceptional autonomy, mobility and a new mode of freedom » and specifies that « its wide autonomy, a new benchmark in the market for cars without an electric licence, will allow you to hit the road with complete peace of mind“.

We can conclude that the autonomy will be greater than that of the Citroën Ami and Aixam e City Sport. As a reminder, the first announces a range of 75 km against 75 to 90 km for the second. In any case, the Ligier Myli will be limited to 45 km / h, car without L6 type license requires.

See you in the spring of 2023 to discover this new car without an electric license, even if we imagine that the brand will publish some information or photos in the meantime.

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