The city of Annecy victim of a cyberattack

No online administrative service is accessible in the city of Haute-Savoie, due to a cyberattack. A similar situation had taken place last year, at the same time.

The city of Annecy in slow motion, computer at least, due to a cyberattack that occurred this Thursday, November 25. According to information from France Blue Haute-Savoie, the town hall indicated that “the IT services of the city of Annecy are currently undergoing a cyber attack, forcing a shutdown of all IT services”.

Inaccessible online administrative procedures

The municipal services, unavailable by telephone, however specified the maintenance of the physical reception for the inhabitants. The latter, on the other hand, cannot perform any administrative procedure online, such as making appointments on the various portals of the city or the local library services.

“Information will be communicated as and when the situation evolves”, specified the town hall.

For now, the pirates behind the attack have not come forward. They are likely to demand a ransom from the city, which is common in this type of computer attack.

Consequential attacks

Last year, the agglomeration community of Greater Annecy suffered a similar attack, shutting down much of the administrative system. A ransom had been demanded from the local authorities.

Cyber ​​attacks targeting cities remain one-off events, but strongly affect their victims. In 2020, the city of Marseille had thus taken several weeks to completely restore its network after an attack of the same ilk.

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