The colocolina phrase of Eduardo Bonvallet six years after his departure

September 18, 2015 will be a date remembered for many soccer fans in our country. One of the most important commentators in Chile, Eduardo Bonvallet, It was found died after making the decision to kill himself.

The former footballer and commentator highlighted for not mincing your tongue when it comes to analyzing the footballing present of our country and the Chilean team, which precisely added followers in a large part of the national territory.

The former coach was in charge of saying phrases for the bronze as “Borghi copied my style of playing because he knows that I am the ‘Messiah of Chilean football'”, among many others.

But there is one in particular that at DaleAlbo we want to remember and it has to do with what the Cacique represents for our country. “The Colo Colo shirt weighs even more than the Chilean team. Now anyone arrives and before it was an honor”, were the words of the commentator who is no longer with us.

Eduardo Bonvallet has his own history with Colo Colo, since in 1993 he accompanied Daniel Morón and Marcelo Rambo Ramírez in the presentation of the Adidas Alba jersey that year, since the “Gurú” was the marketing manager of the “Tres Rayas ”In our country, so he was an important man when making decisions about the institutions that were dressed by the Germans.

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