The Colombian Foreign Ministry rejects statements by Nicolás Maduro of an alleged attack against Venezuela

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro and Colombian president Iván Duque. The first leads an escalation in tensions between the two countries

This Sunday, June 3, the Colombian Foreign Ministry sent a strong message to Venezuelan President Nicolas Madurofor stating that there was a plan orchestrated from Colombia for attack electrical infrastructure of the country by the government of the outgoing president, Ivan Duke Marquez.

Through a statement to public opinion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia indicated that it is customary for the Venezuelan ruler to hide the situation in his country with declarations of alleged attacks by external governments.

“As is customary, once again the dictator Maduro launches smokescreens accusing the Government of Colombia of alleged actions against Venezuela, a country that we Colombians and our government deeply respect and love. These accusations are baseless.” initially indicated the letter of the National Government.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry added: “Once again the dictator tries to divert attention from the delicate political, economic, social situation and the violation of human rights suffered by Venezuela”. And he highlighted that this “cloud of smoke” occurred when he learned of the presumed death of alias Iván Márquez, leader of one of the FARC dissidents, the Nueva Marquetalia, when he tried to flee from Venezuelan territory.

“Precisely today, when the world is aware of the presence, and possibly the death in Venezuelan territory, of Iván Márquez, another of the drug-trafficking leaders of the FARC dissidents.which during the past 4 years operated openly in Venezuela with the complicity of the de facto power that ended the democracy of the neighboring country,” said the Foreign Ministry.

Through a tweet, the head of the Venezuelan regime assured: “Guard Up! From Colombia, attacks are planned against the National Electric System and against personalities of the Bolivarian Government. High Alert! Let us defeat the threats that the outgoing government intends against our country. Highest Morale!”

In turn, the Ministry of Communications of the Venezuelan government pointed out, citing Maduro’s words, the following: “We cannot lower our guard against terrorist threats in Colombia, Iván Duque is leaving, he says goodbye forever and leaves to the dump of history, and continues to activate plans, we have the information in hand, for terrorist attacks against the Venezuelan electrical system, for terrorist attacks against personalities, political and military leaders of Venezuela. In his impotence, in his hatred and in his defeat, Iván Duque wants to take revenge on Venezuela.”

It is not the first time that Nicolás Maduro accuses Iván Duque of being behind an orchestrated plan to attack Venezuela and its infrastructure. At some point he said: “The refineries are being attacked by infiltrated enemies, hidden enemies, to harm our refining complexes, to harm our people. Behind that is the right, I denounce it, the wild right, the sell-out right, behind that are the plans of Iván Duque”,

For his part, the outgoing president, Iván Duque, since Iván Márquez’s reoffending in his criminal activity after the signing of the Peace Accords, said that the government of Nicolás Maduro has been in charge of protecting the members of the ‘Nueva Marquetalia ‘ in his criminal activity and drug trafficking: “There are the leaders of the Eln, now there are some of the leaders of the Farc dissidents and there is no doubt that Santrich is also protected by that dictatorial regime,” said the head of State on his 2019 visit to China.


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