The confession of China Suárez that would reveal a possible rapprochement with Benjamín Vicuña

The love story between China Suarez and Benjamín Vicuña is really worthy of being portrayed in a telenovela, in fact, they have made public almost everything that happened.

As is known, The famous and the actor separated a long time ago, although of course, they will continue to be united for life by the children they have in common. Strong versions indicate that things between the China Suarez and the gallant would not be well at all.

Ángel de Brito expressed weeks ago that he knew from a good source that the ex-partner only communicated through his lawyers.

The relationship of the China Suarez with Pampita’s ex it ended in the midst of strong scandals, due to alleged infidelities that she would have committed, the most resounding and proven, his affair with Mauro Icardi.

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