The confinement by the Covid irritates the Chinese population

The confinement by the Covid irritates the Chinese population

Government employees prepare to distribute food boxes in a confined neighborhood in Shanghai / AFP


The confinement begins to affect the nerves of the population of Shanghai after 40 days of restrictions, and the city is the scene of unusual events, such as clashes in the middle of the street or the flight of workers from a factory.

China’s most populous city confined its 25 million inhabitants in early April in hopes of curbing the worst wave of Covid since the first in early 2020.

Shanghai has officially registered more than 500 deaths in a few weeks, a catastrophe for China, where the total balance reported by the authorities has barely exceeded 5,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Despite a sharp drop in the daily number of infections, the authorities are reinforcing their arsenal of anti-epidemic measures, in the name of the Covid zero strategy that the communist regime sold to its population as proof of its political superiority over the West.


In reaction, the population is exasperated and no longer hesitates to confront the security forces in a country where, however, protests are not tolerated.

On Saturday night, residents dissatisfied with their food supply clashed with public employees dressed in full protection suits, according to videos broadcast on social networks.

“Agitators” incited neighbors to cross the limits of their isolated residence and others to throw objects from their windows, according to local authorities in a statement.

Images taken in the Zhuanqiao neighborhood show residents rejecting law enforcement, shouting “no to police violence.”


These incidents followed another last week at a factory owned by an Apple subcontractor, Quanta, where hundreds of workers broke through barricades to escape.

According to the Bloomberg press agency, the workers feared a tightening of the measures against Covid.

Since the start of the Shanghai lockdown, employees have been sleeping at their workplace in spartan conditions, as they are unable to return home.

The mayor’s office assures that the Chinese economic capital is winning the battle against Covid, with the number of daily infections falling to less than 4,000 yesterday, after having exceeded 25,000 at the end of April.

The city claims that millions of people were able to regain some of their freedom in recent weeks. Some can finally leave their apartment, although not yet their buildings.

But several residential complexes reinstated restrictions, even in low-risk areas, according to notices shown to reporters by neighbors. In them you can read that it is forbidden to leave the house for several days except to undergo a virus detection test. And it is no longer possible to order food delivery.

Families fear being taken to quarantine centers, even if their tests are negative, for the simple fact of having a positive case in the neighborhood.

“They warned us that it would be necessary to leave our keys so they can come to disinfect the apartment,” said a British woman living in Shanghai.

The images of disputes between public employees and inhabitants of different neighborhoods circulated intensely on social networks before censorship erased the undesirable content for the Chinese communist regime.


In one of those videos, you can see a person in charge with a full protection suit explaining to a family that they will have to reconfine themselves because they live on the same floor as a person with Covid. “You don’t do what you want here. They are not in the US, they are in China, ”she says at the door of the apartment. “And stop asking why. There is no reason to. They are the national rules, ”she warns.

Meanwhile, millions of people in Beijing worked from home yesterday, after the reinforcement of anticovid measures, giving the Chinese capital of 22 million people an image of a ghost city. (AFP)

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