The connection between ‘No Way Home’ and X-Men

Mexico City.- There is no doubt that ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ will be the most epic adventure of the arachnid superhero alone. His confrontation against five great and iconic villains from the versions of Sam Raimi and Marc Webb has caused the hype of the fans to be through the roof (not counting the possible presence of the Spideys of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire). Now, something that has not gone unnoticed is the reference that the film will have to other iconic superheroes: the X-Men.

The second trailer for ‘No Way Home’, together with the new previews for television, show that the scene of the epic battle between Peter Parker and five ‘sinister’ villains will be in the vicinity of the Statue of Liberty. And that is where the main reference comes in not only to the X-Men, but to the monument as an essential place in the comics starring Spider-Man.

In the staples, Peter Parker assiduously visits the monument because it is the place where he meets one of his best friends, Johnny Storm, better known as Human Torch, one of the Fantastic Four.

Although ‘No Way Home’ will be the first MCU film that will have this symbol of New York City as the setting, it was previously the place where another very important moment happened precisely in one of the tapes of the first ‘X-‘ trilogy. Men ‘and that is where the reference of the film starring Tom Holland comes in.


It is in the surroundings of the Statue of Liberty where the final battle of the first installment of the ‘X-Men’ takes place, directed by Bryan Singer in 2000. It is where the fight against Magneto takes place to prevent him from activating a device that it would turn all the inhabitants of the Big Apple into mutants. A plan for the one who kidnapped Titania.

The machine is located on the statue’s torch. In the same way, this part of the monument will be essential in ‘No Way Home’, because in the previews it shows that the torch will be destroyed, just as it happened in Singer’s tape. On the other hand, the fact that Doctor Strange does not get the villains to appear, his position is just reminiscent of the one Magneto had.

Obviously, it is just a coincidence or an explicit tribute, but it does not ensure that the mutants will make an appearance in the film. Although, considering that the multiverse is unleashed, nothing would surprise anymore.

December 15 in Mexico will be when the public will be able to see what aspires to be the definitive Spider-Man feature film.

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