The conquest of Kate Bush and “Running up That Hill”

the wave of stranger things brought to Kate Bush to the top of the charts. Just as we reported in a previous entry, 37 years after its launch, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”, returned to the sales charts in the United States and the United Kingdom. In its ascent, the song first broke into the top 10 and in the week of June 17 it hit number one on the Billboard charts, temporarily dethroning the British singer and former member of one direction, Harry Styles.

In the UK, the song jumped in its third week from No. 8 to No. 1, making the 63-year-old the oldest artist to top the music charts. This fact represents the first number 1 of Kate Bush in the United States of its entire career and its return to the Top 10 in the United Kingdom.

When “Running Up That Hill” First released in 1985, the song spent 11 weeks on the UK charts—from August 17, 1985 to October 26, 1985. In 2012, the song returned to the charts briefly after being used by the filmmaker Danny Boyle at the London Olympics ceremony. This is the fifth time the song has been placed back on the charts in its entire history.

“It’s very exciting. But it’s pretty overwhelming, really. The whole world has gone crazy,” Bush told journalist Emma Barnett in an interview broadcast by the BBC Radio 4 this Wednesday.

Bush has always stayed out of the spotlight and rarely gives interviews to the press, so the surprise has been even more surprising for her fans. Her event took her out of her gardening duties, one of her new hobbies, as she confessed to the BBC, and has once again brought her way back into the limelight.

Kate Bush has never sought to be a pop star in the traditional sense and her path has been forged by making risky decisions. During his career Kate Bush he never did any promotional tours of the United States, breaking with a tradition in the industry. The only attempt to try to cross over to the US market was with a presentation on the television program Saturday night Live in 1978, where he played “The Man with the Child in his eyes”on the Eric Idle-hosted episode of Monty Python. But Kate Bush has never been interested in mass tours or spotlights.

Their concert history has also been limited, after one of their technicians suffered a fatal accident on their first tour in 1979. This was one of the causes that took her away from the stage. In addition to embracing synthesizers and samplers, Bush pioneered the use of wireless microphones with which she could move freely around the stage and which are now standard for any pop singer.

The inclusion of “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” within the series Netflix stranger things, created by the Duffer brothers, has achieved unprecedented success. Although the series had embraced the use of nostalgic music from the eighties as madonna, REO Speedwagon, John Mellencamp, The Cars, “Weird Al” Yankovic or the theme of “The Never Ending Story” interpreted by Limahlnothing had perfectly matched the image, the narrative and the music like the Kate Bush song did.

“It’s such a good series that I thought the song would attract a bit of attention. But I never imagined it would be something like this,” Bush said in the radio interview.

Forty-four years after he burst onto the music scene with “Wuthering Heights”his first single from 1978 with which he achieved his first number 1, Kate Bush She is the oldest artist to lead the music sales charts. And she continues to chart her career her way and make her own rules, as she has done from the beginning.

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