The contrast and the notable difference of the Cacique with respect to the last tournament

Colo Colo is still in a state of grace and last Saturday he defeated Unión Española by the minimum score at the Santa Laura Stadium, with a score by Maximiliano Falcón, within the framework of the sixteenth day of the 2021 National Championship.

With this result, the albos remain in second place in the standings with 30 units, one less than Unión La Calera, who defeated Deportes La Serena on this day.

After the victory against the Hispanos, Gustavo Quinteros and his team reached the important sum of twelve unbeaten matches, eight in the First Division and four in the Chile Cup. Where won nine e matched three times.

Great statistic that is completely the opposite of what we experienced in the unfortunate previous season where we looked closely at the decline. But how was Colo Colo doing at this same point last year?

After the 15th date of the 2020 National Championship, the Cacique was penultimate in the table with 10 points. Today, in the same number of games played, we march in the second position with 30 units.

On the other hand, last year the Popular exceeded 30 points only on date 29. What’s more, In the 34 duels he played, he only won nine. In this 2021, Colo Colo already reached the same number of victories but in 14 games played.

Now, the Eternal Champion is preparing to face Unión Española again for the first leg semifinal of the Chile Cup. In the same week, the albos must be measured against Deportes Antofagasta for the 2021 National Championship. Let’s go Colo Colo!

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