The controversial proposal of the Swiss environment minister to save gas

In the midst of a major energy crisis in Europe, due to the lack of Russian gas, several countries on the Old Continent are trying to find new ways to save electricity for the winter. In order to reduce energy consumption by 15%, the environment minister of SwissSimonetta Sommaruga, presented a plan in which she requested “turn off the computer when not in use, keep the lights low and take a shower in two”, a measure that was received with repudiation by the people of the Alps.

Swiss it is one of the least self-sufficient countries in terms of power generation in the world, even despite being one of the richest. That is why this situation set off alarms within the government, which is looking for a way to solve the possible lack of gas that may be found at the end of the year. In this way, they decided to launch the campaign “energy is limited, let’s not waste it”, which they presented last week.

It is expected that with the arrival of winter the situation in the Alps will worsen due to the lack of energy.

However, they added that If the situation does not improve and if there are more power outages, it is expected that the Federal Council of Swiss implement “consumption restrictions, bans and a quota system”.

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