The Copa Libertadores is an honor!

It was an exceptional afternoon. Colo Colo got the title of champion of the Chile Cup after beating Everton by two goals to nil in the final of the tournament. Good news for the albos who will have a new experience in the International contest.

And it is that, with this triumph, the white box immediately took out tickets to the next edition of the Copa Libertadores 2022. One of the objectives that the Albo table set for itself was to return to international competitions hand in hand with Gustavo Quinteros.

Although the popular cadre will have to continue waiting to say present in said competitive instance, the Cacique stays with Chile 3 and will be one of the representatives of the national football of the Copa Libertadores.

This sports quota takes you to participate in Phase 2 in the Copa Libertadores. It is not the passage to the group stage of the contest, so they will have to overcome two previous phases before entering the division of each one of the peloton among those classified for the tournament.

The dispute of this type of elimination phase matches are round-trip matches, where the winner on the global scoreboard will advance to the next Phase 3, to draw the last two commitments before being received for the group phase.

Good news for the Cacique who returns to international competition, but who, without a doubt, will continue to fight to enter the group stage of the Copa Libertadores directly.

Instance for which the white box still has high hopes of achieving this challenge, since this is achieved by being champion of the National Championship or finishing in the second position of the contest.

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