The coronation of King Charles III will be sober, because of the crisis

The British crown is cutting its budget for the coronation of the new king as the cost of living has soared in the UK.

Will the coronation of Charles III be less ostentatious than that of Elizabeth II? According to British media, the new sovereign is planning a coronation ceremony “cheaper” than that of his mother in 1953.

The coronation ‘will be shorter, smaller and cheaper’ to avoid any grumbling from the British people as the cost of living has soared in the UK, a royal source told Reuters. DailyMirror.

“The king is aware of the difficult daily life of the English. And if he wants the coronation ceremony to take place in the respect of ancestral traditions, it must also reflect the place of the monarchy in the modern world”, we explain.

In this time of crisis, the potential cost to the taxpayer of the funeral, which has not been disclosed, has raised some teeth. In 1953, the coronation of Elizabeth II had cost 1.57 million pounds, the equivalent in 2022 of 46 million pounds (52 million euros).

Towards a coronation in the spring?

The date of the coronation of King Charles III is not yet known. Due to the preparation time required for such an event, this ceremony will not take place for several months – at the earliest in the spring.

The mourning of the royal family continues for another week, but the flags are no longer at half mast and the government of Prime Minister Liz Truss, who came to power two days before the death of Elizabeth II, has just come to the work.

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