The Corpus Christi procession toured the Center

After the procession there was mass in San Ponciano / R. Acosta

The Corpus Christi procession, an expression of special gravitation in the Catholic cult, went through the streets of the City yesterday in its traditional format of demonstration of faith.

Now far from the restrictions due to the pandemic, the procession began in the “Nuestra Señora de La Merced” parish, located on Calle 11 between 45 and 46. The sun was still tempering the cold wind from the south sector a little when a column of parishioners began the procession towards the “Basílica San Ponciano”, located at 48 between 5 and diagonal 80.

The organization of the demonstration then invited “all Catholic parishioners to join in the traditional procession through the streets of the City with the Blessed Sacrament.”

After crossing through the Microcentro, the column stopped in front of the Basilica.

The activity concluded with the development of a mass.

“Corpus Christi is the festival that reminds us that Jesus is really present in the sacrament of consecrated bread,” the organization explained, adding that “this festival of faith has been celebrated throughout the world since the Middle Ages.”

creole mass

On Tuesday 21, at 6:30 p.m., the third “Solidarity Lyrical Gala” will be held at the Cathedral, organized by the Argentine Association of the Order of Malta.

As reported from the Archbishopric, this time the “Misa Criolla” by the renowned musician, composer and pianist, Ariel Ramírez, will be performed. It will be in charge of the “Argentina Symphony Orchestra and Choir”, directed by maestro Darío Ingignoli.

Soloists Duilio Smiriglia (tenor), Marina Silva (soprano), Alejandra Malvino (mezzo-soprano) and Nicolás Faes Micheloud (charango) will participate in the event.

The money raised will go to the construction of a parish and a Multipurpose Room, “Nuestra Señora Desatanudos”, in the town of Melchor Romero.

The archbishopric detailed that since April 2021, the Order of Malta has been present in that area, assisting five dining rooms weekly with dry and fresh food: Copacabana, San Cayetano, San Joselito, San Blas and Desatanudos.

Tickets cost $500, which is equivalent to 20 bricks for the total benefit of the work and can be requested at the cathedral museum, Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., or at the Secretary of the Order of Malta, by contacting to the following telephone numbers 011 4812-2882/3313.

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