The cost of Taliban censorship: Afghanistan lost a billion by not letting women work

The United States estimates that the economy of Afghanistan it loses a billion dollars by not letting women work and participate in public life. This was stated today by the Secretary of State of the North American country, Antony Blinken, who stressed that the censorship of women by the Taliban goes against the country’s own interests.

“When women are excluded from the workforce, societies lose talent, they lose productivity because half the population is being excluded. Today, women could contribute a billion dollars to the economy of Afghanistanif only they were allowed“, indicated the American official, who today presented an economic initiative to help the women of the Asian country.

Antony Blinken, at the launch of the Alliance for Afghan Women’s Economic Resilience initiative.

“They could provide a lifeline for families facing poverty, they could help create more stable and resilient communities at a time when they are desperately needed in Afghanistan”, continued the person in charge of Washington diplomacy.

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