The County Administrative Board rejects the appeal about Hotell Tänndalen

Several property owners and a condominium association had appealed the municipality’s decision to grant demolition and building permits for apartment buildings with around 50 apartments on the property.

Some of the complainants objected to the height of the new buildings, others to the fact that Hotell Tänndalen’s buildings are worthy of protection for several reasons and that there would be traffic disturbances and noise.

Does not conflict with the detailed plan

The County Administrative Board states that they cannot examine the issue of revising the detailed plan and the granted building permit does not conflict with the current detailed plan.

As regards the issue of demolition permits, neighbors do not have the right of appeal in such matters. It is the municipality that monitors such matters.

As regards the traffic disturbances, the county administrative board believes that there is no risk of significant inconvenience.

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Start the clip to hear what the issue of Hotell Tänndalen is about. Photo: Morgan Grip

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