The Court of Appeal confirms a sentence of capital murder against a local politician in Nyköping

Anders Eberhardt has previously represented the Sweden Democrats in local politics in Nyköping. He was expelled from the party earlier this year. The murder took place in Anders Eberhardt’s residence in Nyköping in the fall of 2021, after which he dismembered the victim. The police investigation started after remains from the victim were found in waterways in central Stockholm.

According to the police investigation, Anders Eberhardt had known the victim, a man in his 60s, for several years. But no motive for the murder has been established.

Late in the investigation, Eberhardt admitted to pointing a gun at the victim’s head, but claimed it was a mistake that the shot went off. The district court did not believe his version and convicted him of murder. The story also appeared to the Court of Appeal as an afterthought, they write in their judgment, and now they follow the same line as the district court.

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The police found body parts in Stockholm and a former municipal politician in Nyköping is charged. This is what has happened in the case of the suspected murder. Photo: SVT/assembly

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