The Court will swear in the deputies appointed to the Council of the Magistracy

After a week of the designation of the deputies to integrate the Council of the Magistracy, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation agreed today to swear in the four legislators elected in representation of the Chamber of Deputies to integrate the judicial body and indicated that the appointments corresponding to the Senate “are under study by the Court.”

The Court reported this in a two-page agreement, where it ordered that the President of the highest court, Horace Rosatti“receive the legal oath from the directors Vanesa Raquel Siley, Rodolfo Tailhade, Álvaro González and Roxana Nahir Reyes”, although no date has yet been set.

In turn, he pointed out that the designation of the main and substitute representatives of the National Senate are under “study by the Court, for reasons that are publicly known.”

On Tuesday, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice and of the Nation’s Judicial Council, Horace Rosatti, swore in the new 11 members of the body that proposes and sanctions judges, representing academics, lawyers, magistrates and the Executive Power. And for those nominated by the Legislative Power, the supreme court established a special agreement to analyze this Thursday after the controversy over the appointment of the pro-government senator Martín Doñate.

Last Friday, the Council of the Magistracy sent to the highest court the names of the four deputies and the four senators designated by their respective Chambers to integrate the body that proposes and sanctions magistrates.

For its part, the Senate had approved on Wednesday the decree appointing its new representatives for the 2022-2026 period in a session in which the opposition did not go down to the premises, disagreeing with the appointments. In that session, parliamentary decree 86/22 was endorsed, which appointed the pro-government members María Pilatti Vergara, Mariano Recalde and Martín Doñate and the radical Eduardo Vischi as advisers.

Until now, Hugo Galderisi and Guillermo Tamarit have been formally incorporated, representing the scientific and academic field; Miguel Piedecasas, Héctor Recalde, Jimena de la Torre and María Fernanda Vázquez, representing the legal profession; Diego Barroetaveña, Alberto Lugones, María Alejandra Provítola and Agustina Díaz Cordero, representing the magistracy; and Gerónimo Ustarroz, representing the National Executive Power.

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