The Court will take an oath to the deputies who will occupy a place in the Council of the Magistracy

In the midst of the conflict over the representatives of the Senate in the Magistracy Council, the Supreme Court of Justice ordered this Thursday afternoon to swear in those who will occupy that place for the Chamber of Deputies.

This was decided by the highest court just a few days after having formalized in office the envoys of the other estates, lawyers, judges, academics and the Executive Branch, who will serve until 2026.

Through an agreement reached in the last few hours, the members of the Court now decided to move forward with the appointment of deputies Vanesa Raquel Siley, Rodolfo Tailhade, Álvaro González and Roxana Nahir Reyes, in the body in charge, among other things, to appoint and remove judges.

On the other hand, they clarified that the conflict for the representatives who will also occupy a position in the Council for the Senate of the Nation, “they are being studied by the Court, for reasons that are publicly known”.

In this statement, a controversy arose between the ruling party and the opposition, after the interblock of the Frente de Todos was divided in the compound to keep a place in the organization. By separating into two spaces, the ruling party claimed a seat for Martín Recalde for the so-called “National and Popular Front” and another for Claudio Martín Doñate for “Citizen Unity”, leaving Luis Juez (PRO) without the possibility of entering the Council.


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