The court’s announcement: The princess suffered from breast cancer

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The princess has suffered from breast cancer and has undergone an operation. The court announces it.

Here, Naruhito becomes Japan’s new emperor

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A tough time for the Japanese imperial family – Princess Nobuko, 67, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The announcement came on November 11 after the princess completed a planned mammogram.

Eight days later she was on the operating table. Now the court comes with a new message about the princess’s health.

The princess suffered from breast cancer – has been operated on

During the operation, the princess was diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer.

This means that the cancer only grows in the cell layers where it originated and is a very early form of cancer.

During the procedure, the cancerous tissue will be successfully removed and the princess will recover well.

She is expected to be released from the hospital in seven to 10 days, depending on how she is doing.

She is then expected to undergo radiation therapy to reduce the risk of cancer developing in her remaining breast tissue.

The princess forced to hospital – new update

Health problems in the family

This is not Nobuko’s first health problem. In 2004 she suffered a stroke and in 2008 she was diagnosed with asthma.

Even the immediate family has struggled with health. Last winter, her daughter Princess Yoko, 38, was treated in hospital after contracting covid-19.

The princess had then developed pneumonia and had symptoms such as cough, sore throat and fever.

Fortunately, Yoko recovered and was able to leave the hospital after a week.

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