The creator of Emily in Paris teases season 3 of the Netflix series

While the first two seasons ofEmily in Paris have met with incredible success on Netflix, the creator of the series is considering a sequel, not yet confirmed by the streaming platform.

Emily Cooper obviously hasn’t said her last word. For two seasons now, the adventures ofEmily in Paris enchant Netflix subscribers, who were able to discover the second season of this production on December 22, filled with joyful clichés, in which we discover the French capital through the eyes of a young American faced with a great cultural shock. Between her professional life and her love life, the adventures of the young woman follow one another with humor, but sometimes, also, with some difficulties for the character played by Lily Collins, who faces many dilemmas.

“At the end of season 2, there is only one choice”

At the end of season 2, Emily will be asked to choose which path she wants to take, both personally and professionally. Answers that fans could have in a season 3, not yet confirmed by Netflix, most already in the pipeline for Darren Star, the creator of the series. Indeed, the one to whom we owe in particular Sex and The City is already thinking about the further adventures of her heroine, who ends up with a choice where there is no good choice“. “There is only one choice, he specifies to, wheras’Emily will have to choose in her work between Madeline (Kate Walsh) and Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). When you live in a foreign country, one of the questions is where is your heart?. Is this where you came from or where you are now? Emily will struggle with that too, adds the screenwriter.

This character that Darren Star adores

But if a choice is going to emerge for her career in a possible season 3, Emily Cooper will also have to choose which man she decides to follow. While “has very strong feelings for Gabriel”, played by Lucas Bravo, the young woman meets in season 2 of Alfie, an English banker played by Lucien Laviscount. “The question she is going to have to face is: how to deal with relationship issues and work issues which, at the end of season 2, are both hanging in the air, explains Darren Star, before giving his opinion on a character who may stay a little while with his heroine. I love Alfie, personally. I wouldn’t rule out Alfie, and I don’t think Emily should either, he said, before adding the air of nothing that “London is not far from Paris”. To be continued…

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