The curse of 100?

No matter what happens tonight in San Francisco, there will be TWO eliminated with more than 100 wins on the regular stage this Major League Baseball season. Put another way: winning 100 or more games in a long 162-long season of the sprawling regular role doesn’t even guarantee you get past the wild-card customs, where the Dodgers might as well have been eliminated, in that case, by the glorious Cardinals.

But, well, the important thing is in the duel that opens at 8:07 pm from the center the compatriot Julio Urías for the Dodgers, against some Giants who were totally out of this projection and are now only one important step away from facing some very tough Braves for the National League championship, in which surely very, very few could predict a Braves duel vs. Giants, if it happens.

Already in the regular stage the Nacional had the great disappointment of the Padres and the Mets (almost in equal conditions of investment and collapse), if the Los Angeles Blues were added, it could not be seen in any other way than a failure. The American League has a tremendously explosive final, for the move to the first World Series “of” or “post” pandemic: the Astros and the Red Sox arrive with a strong team each and with that recent winning spirit.

Of course there is no lack of that complaint disguised as humor about him, let’s call him Axis Alex Cora, which is the link between the 2017 space championship (where the Quisqueyano was the bench coach), of which the jelengue was armed with that of espionage to detect the bites and, later, with the same Cora As a Bostonian manager, this scheme would be repeated with some adaptations or modifications.

For Major League Baseball as an industry and as an organization, it is important, of vital importance, that the level of baseball is demonstrated, itself, that it is the one that triumphs in this American championship, without any veil of doubt as to the integrity of these two contenders, because… they are supposed to have already been punished, that everything is “squeaking clean”, right?

If we talk about integrity, this one, which is the best baseball, is URGENT to have a FIRM implementation under cover: we see some strikes completely out and some calls at the bases that seem like a joke. A “beam of light” that marks the strike zone and an AUTOMATIC review (without the ruse that if they “protest” it), incredibly are not a reality today, whatever the union negotiation at the end of the season, they must be something present to already. Another aspect: games of more than FOUR hours in the playoffs (4:32 on Astros @ White Sox) simply CANNOT be more. This is a shot in the foot for a sport that wants to show dynamism.

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