The daughter’s illness changed Jörg Pilawa’s life

For TV presenter Jörg Pilawa (56) and his wife Irina it was a shock at the time: At the age of two, doctors diagnosed their daughter Nova with rheumatism. At that time, she was in great pain and did not want to get up, explains Pilawa on RTL.

“Until we ourselves were affected, I thought that rheumatism was an old-age disease,” says the popular moderator, looking back on 2013, when his daughter began to feel the first symptoms.

“It is of course a terrible moment when you have your two-year-old daughter, who is actually a happy nature, in bed in the morning, where she cries in pain and does not want to get up,” recalls the moderator.

“Thought this was an old-person disease”

Pilawa’s daughter is now symptom-free

Pilawa now wants to draw attention to this “old-person disease”, which can also affect young people. It is crucial that the sick should not be wrapped in cotton wool. “Resting is actually always the worst. You have to get moving,” says Pilawa.

Daughter Nova has meanwhile been given medication by the doctors. According to the circumstances, she is doing well, although this disease can accompany people for a lifetime. Nova gets an injection every week. She is now symptom-free because she was diagnosed with rheumatism early on.

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