The daughters of the beach man who was attacked with a punch and is in critical condition spoke

Florencia and Agustina reported that Arturo, their 60-year-old father, is in intensive care, in a reserved state and with all the controls to try to improve his situation. “He is unconscious and disoriented, we could not have much interaction with him,” they said.

One of them, she explains, that she had to return from Mexico on an emergency basis to assist her father: “Going to sleep and not knowing what will happen the next day is terrible.” In addition, they repudiated the attitude of the young aggressor and his family, who did not call to apologize. “He believes himself unpunished, and evidently that is how his family is managed,” they added.

“We are worried about the life of our father and he is worried to see how he can get his cars that were left in the parking lot.” And they concluded: “He is a violent man who is loose and is a danger to any other person who crosses him.”

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