The dawn training for the final!

Colo Colo takes to the field on this Saturday to seal his good present with a title, facing Everton de Viña del Mar in the final of the Chile Cup starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Fiscal Stadium in Talca.

The Cacique comes to this duel after eliminating Unión Española in the semifinals, a cast that he dispatched without problems after beat him by a resounding 7-2 in the aggregate result.

For this afternoon A series of changes are expected in the Cacique’s eleventh that sealed the passage to the final against the Hispanics, giving more prominence to those who had been seeing more action in the 2021 National Championship.

In that sense Gustavo Quinteros prepares four variants in the team that began playing at Santa Laura last Wednesday, giving entry to Óscar Opazo, Emiliano Amor, Vicente Pizarro and Leonardo Gil, leaving out of ownership Bruno Gutiérrez, Daniel Gutiérrez, Bryan Soto and César Fuentes respectively.

Thus, the training for this afternoon would be with Brayan Cortes under the three sticks; Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor and Gabriel Suazo in defence; Vicente Pizarro, Leonardo Gil, Ignacio Jara and Joan Cruz in the middle of the court; Pablo Solari and Javier Parraguez up front.

The Cacique’s cited list for the final of the Chile Cup. | Photo: Colo Colo.

For its part, the eleventh of Everton will be with Franco Torgnascioli in the bow; Denil Maldonado, Julio Barroso and Diego Oyarzún in defence; Cristopher Medina, Christian Bravo, Rodrigo Echeverría, Benjamín Berríos and Dylan Zúñiga in the middle of the court; Juan Cuevas and Mitchell Wassenne in attack.

Everything starts at 4:30 p.m. at the Talca Prosecutor under the arbitration of Piero Maza and you can follow it LIVE and MINUTE BY MINUTE in DaleAlbo.

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