The decision after the Christmas host’s departure – Tareq Taylor starts his own project

Tareq Taylor was named Christmas host of the year 2021. But the assignment has meant that he has been forced to suspend several collaborations. Instead, he is now starting his own project.

In recent years, Tareq Taylor has become one of Sweden’s most appreciated TV profiles. He became known to the general public in 2017 when he won “The Chefs’ Struggle”, and since then he has appeared on the box in several TV contexts.

Among other things, his own program “Tareq Taylor’s food journey” has become immensely popular, and at the Crystal Gala this year, he took home the win in the category “TV Personality of the Year”.

Christmas host Tareq Taylor is forced to quit

Recently, the big Christmas host unveiling was made – and then no one less than Tareq was presented as this year’s Christmas host!

When he himself received the message, he could hardly understand that it was true.

– I was sitting in the car when I got the question and was driving off the road. Then I broke down, I think it’s such a great honorary assignment. The tears came, it was like pressing a button. I had to hang up and call again, he said during the revelation.

But the glorious mission in the public service channel means that Tareq is forced to suspend all advertising collaborations two weeks before and two weeks after the broadcast on Christmas Eve.

He therefore recently terminated the contract with Nescafé, which is owned by Nestlé.

– I understand the problem and put this collaboration on the shelf. Christmas hosting is important to me, and I do not want it to be infected, or to be questioned, Tareq has told Göteborgs-Posten.

Tareq Taylor starts new project – after the setback as Christmas host

But when one door closes, another opens, so to speak. Now the star chef announces that he has a new project underway – he has started a new channel on Youtube!

– Here we will cook lots of delicious food. There will be great tips and tricks, there will be all those tricks that make the food easier, more fun and better, especially to do at home. And so guests who will come here too, he says in a new video.

He has already had time to publish two videos, where he in one layers omelette and in the other meatballs, and they have been a success among viewers!

In the comment fields for the videos, he is praised by the followers.

“FINALLY!!! As I expected at this moment “

“It will be really exciting to follow you”

“You inspire me and here I will definitely hang out a lot”

Photo: TT

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