The decision that would change the course of Darío Barassi in El Trece

Dario Barassi He is one of the most beloved hosts on Argentine television, and his program “100 Argentinos Dicen” has managed to narrow the difference in rating between El Trece and Telefe.

What you liked the most Dario Barassi is that the host usually puts a lot of humor into his program and interacts with the laughter of his participants, since, in addition to being a figure in the media, he is also a comedian.

Darío Barassi has been a trend in the networks for the eccentric looks he uses on his show.

Though Dario Barassi He has garnered a good friendship with Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi, the image of El Trece did not have the same luck with the exbotinera Cami Homs when he went to play “100 Argentinos Dicen”, since some viewers assured that he “harassed” the influencer with the controversial subject of her divorce with Rodrigo de Paul.

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