The deputies of the FdT will present a Universal Basic Salary project

This Tuesday at 11 a.m., the pro-government deputies will present a project to expand the social security system and establish a Universal Basic Salary to guarantee the social protection of all workers and thus “give a response to the new Argentine labor reality in the post-pandemic”.

The initiative proposes to establish a Universal Basic Salary “as a non-contributory monthly monetary benefit of national scope for low-income workers.” This amount would be granted to people who are unemployed, work in the informal economy, are registered in category “A” of the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers or are registered in the Regime for Social Inclusion and Promotion of Independent Work.

Legislator Itaí Hagman of the Frente de Todos and Patria Grande referent assured that today “there are millions of people who work, without having a formal job, who do not have guaranteed the most basic conditions of life. This phenomenon does not happen only in Argentina , is global, and is a consequence of the transformations in the world of work and the growing concentration of wealth”.

The deputy Natalia Zaracho emphasized that the enormous effort of the workers of the Popular Economy and care tasks is not recognized. In addition, she stressed that “the measure could eliminate homelessness and ensure that everyone has at least one plate of food every day.”

The project will be presented by the legislators of the Frente de Todos: Itaí Hagman, Natalia Zaracho and Federico Fagioli in the lower house. And it has the signature of the pro-government deputies Leonardo Grosso, Hugo Yasky, Mónica Macha, Pablo Carro, Juan Carlos Alderete, Carlos Selva, Pablo Carro, Mara Brawer and Graciela Landriscini, among others.

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