The detail in the royal image that everyone is talking about – the shock in the middle of the gala dinner

Spanish royal couple

The Spanish royal couple visited Sweden – and everyone is talking about the same thing.

The king and queen Silvia got strangers at the castle yesterday. King Felipe, 53, and his queen Letizia, 49, had traveled all the way from the continent to complete the first Spanish state visit in 42 years.

And it was done in style. The court had prepared two royal procession wagons, one for the king and Felipe, one for Silvia and Letizia, who took the two royal couples one and a half kilometers, into the Inner Courtyard.

The detail in the picture of the royal couple

Then followed a gala dinner at the castle’s ballroom White Sea with 89 guests and flair that we ordinary mortals can hardly imagine. Everything was documented on the royal family’s Instagram account, where everyone was amazed at the glamor.

“Wow. This is absolutely incredible. This is first class,” writes American journalist David Begnaud in a comment.

“The menu sounds very nice, the table setting and the wines are superb,” ​​writes another user.

“I am so proud of our royal family,” writes a third.

So tall is King Felipe

But the eyes fell on more than the table setting and the beautiful dresses. Many noted one thing about King Felipe that may have escaped us in Sweden to a fairly large extent: his height.

Felipe is 197 centimeters tall, which makes him one of the longest royalty in the whole world. And in the pictures from the state visit, it is impossible to miss the difference in length when he is standing next to the Swedish royal couple.

“Wow, what a tall Spanish King he is! I did not know that. For our King is quite normal length”, writes a user on Instagram.

“The Spanish king was not a little tall,” writes another.

“The lighthouse and the trailer,” writes a third.

“Shit, how tall he is, our Felipe,” writes a fourth.

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