The details of the tense reunion of Shakira and Gerard Piqué for their son Milan

and Gerard Piqué are separated, but they have shown that they are good parents. In the midst of the media soap opera for their breakup and the already ended fight for custody of their children, the celebrities were seen at an important baseball game in Milan, the oldest of their offspring. This meeting has given a lot to talk about.

It all happened on Saturday, November 19. The Colombian singer and the former soccer player attended the baseball final, where 9-year-old Milan played for Club Béisbol Softbol Barcelona. Apparently the athlete does not want to miss important moments with his children, before they go to live in Miami with his mother.

According to the Spanish press, Piqué did not know that the artist was going to be present, since apparently she had other commitments related to her career, and she was very surprised to see her arrive. The Colombian has not hesitated to try to attract the attention of the retired FC Barcelona footballer, but she has been in vain. She knows the details of the meeting.


On the sunny morning of Saturday, November 19, 2022, they went to cheer on their son Milan, who was playing in the Catalunya U10 baseball cup. The first to arrive was Piqué, who arrived accompanied by his parents, and sat at the top of the stands. Minutes later Shakira arrived accompanied by her brother Tonino and some friends.

At first she sat very close to the father of her children, but then she went to the other side of that grandstand to encourage, dance and give Milan advice. According to the Spanish mediafrom Telencinco, she tried to get the player’s attention, but he preferred to look at his cell phone.

Shakira’s obscene gesture

When Shakira was cheering on her son behind the bars of the baseball court. She was shouting cheers and making gestures, but there was one that caught her attention: she made an allegedly obscene sign with the middle finger of one of her hands, which was addressed to the father of her children, who left her for Clara Chia.

“There is no doubt. We clearly see how Shakira raises her finger to make a comb (obscene sign) and everything indicates that it is addressed to his ex, who was in the field at the time”reviewed the journalist Marc Leirados, emphasizing that the images were “reviewed” before broadcasting them on the air in the .

“So there is no doubt that it was directed at him. I very much doubt that she was addressed to the press, as some think, because she has always been very kind to the press.”claimed Leirados.

Shakira and the controversial gesture towards Gerard Piqué, according to Socialité (Photo: Socialité)

Shakira and the controversial gesture towards Gerard Piqué, according to Socialité (Photo: Socialité)

Together but not mixed

After the game, the parents went to the field for the obligatory photo. Piqué and Shakira were in the same field, but they didn’t exchange a word and they avoided glances. The tension was evident.

The singer took advantage of the moment to take photos with the children and parents; while the former player was seen a bit isolated. When he tried to integrate with the group, the Colombian appeared very close to him to be noticed. The father of her children, however, did not move a finger to approach her, nor did he wave a greeting. He completely ignored her.

When the group photo of the children with their parents was taken, the celebrities marked their distance. On the left side of the image Milan appears next to her mother, who was wearing a light cap. At the other end, in the upper right corner, Piqué appears dressed in a gray sweater and dark glasses.

Shakira and Piqué separated in the group photo for their son Milan's runner-up (photo: Club Beisbol Softbol Barcelona/Instagram)

Shakira and Piqué separated in the group photo for their son Milan’s runner-up (photo: Club Beisbol Softbol Barcelona/Instagram)

Shakira and the message to Milan

Colombian singer of pride for his son Milan and his entire team, who came in second in the baseball final. “Congratulations to Milan and his team for this great tournament. All the mommies are very proud of you for your perseverance and dedication! Bravo Runners-up of the Catalunya Sub10 Cup!wrote.

The message was accompanied by an image of the singer, hugging her son, who is carrying a drink in his hand. on the account of No publication has been seen about the event, but he still keeps the photos with Shakira and the family.

Shakira sends a tender message to her son Milan (Photo: Shakira/Instagram)

Shakira sends a tender message to her son Milan (Photo: Shakira/Instagram)

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